How Much Do You Know About Distracted Driving?

distracted driving

Distracted driving is a big problem, guys. (danna / Flickr)

You know drivers have to focus on the road – or else risk causing problems or even causing a crash. But how much do you really know about distracted driving? Take our quizzy and find out.


Distracted driving KILLS people. Like, every day. In fact, it kills an average of 9 people every day in the United States and injures more than 1,000! Or does it?

YES, eating a donut at the wheel counts as distracted driving. You didn’t know that?
Whoa, that’s crazy. It sounds serious so it must be true!
Um, I don’t know about that. Those numbers seem high. You must be exaggerating. False.

Which one of these things counts as distracted driving?

Flipping through a magazine
Putting on makeup
Grooming your dog
All of these things

Texting and driving increases your risk of crashing by …

9 times
45 times
0 times (yayy!)
23 times

The average time a texting-and-driving driver spends on reading a text is …

10 minutes
a half hour
5 seconds
10 seconds

True or false: 31% of U.S. drivers between the ages of 18 and 64 have admitted to reading or sending texts or emails while driving.

Texting and Driving on 5th Ave
True. That’s a lot!
False. Considering all the ways you’re trying to scare me with this quiz, it seems like it’s like 80%.

Lots of crashes happen not just because drivers don't pay attention, but also when they are speeding, turning, ignoring signs and signals, failing to signal, and ...

Failing to yield
Revving the engine

You and your friend are headed to a new restaurant you’ve been wanting to try, but you’re not totally sure how to get there. Being the passenger, you …

Tell the driver to Google the directions. She’s the driver, after all.
Put your hands over the driver’s eyes and tell her it’ll be more fun if she “feels” her way there.
Offer the driver a beer so she can relax on the way to dinner.
Look up the directions on your own phone and tell her how to get there.

Imagine you’re driving and your phone starts pinging like crazy. Someone’s group-messaged you or something and you’re dying to see what everyone’s saying. So you …

Just glance at it to see what’s up!
Pull over to somewhere safe for a minute, satisfy your curiosity.
Have a wine cooler and relax. You’re driving!

Your mom starts reading a text while she’s driving you to a friend’s house. That’s your cue to …

Smack the phone out of her hand and scream as loud as you can!
Say, “Hey Mom, I know you really want to talk to Aunt Blurble right now, but why don’t we wait till later? Or maybe just pull over.”
Text your BFF to complain.

Of the teens between the ages of 13 and 20 who died in car crashes in 2012, about ____% of them weren’t wearing a seat belt.