See and Be Seen, the Quiz

see and be seen nyc street safety quiz

Are you ready to get out there on those busy NYC streets? (Stewart / Flickr)

By now, hopefully you’ve picked up some tips for being savvy out on those city streets. So you’ve got #StreetSmarts. But … are you a VisionHero? Find out: See if you can get all 10 questions right!


Texting and walking is just as dangerous as texting and driving.


63% of teens who were ________ said it was normal to cross the street while texting or talking on the phone. 

really fast texters
straight-A students
hit by a car
“just sending one more text”

Pulling off to the side to finish sending a text could prevent …

Giving a stranger a flat tire
Getting hit by a car
All of the above

Wearing headphones while walking doesn’t seem that dangerous, but it is. There are safe, smart ways to headphone while walking. Which of these things is NOT one of them? 

Using earbuds instead of noise-canceling headphones
Singing along 
Popping out/off one earphone/headphone
Using an app that lets in the sounds around you

When you’re approaching a crosswalk with a blinking signal, you should totally just …

Pause, look at the traffic and make a smart decision about whether you’ve really got time to cross safely.

If you’re on a bike, scooter or skateboard, you’re interacting with traffic a lot more than when you’re walking, and drivers can’t always see you. That means you have to …

Look both ways (look *all* ways!) and stop at the curb when you’re going to cross the street. Look carefully and follow the rules of the road.
Keep going as you’re going. They’re the drivers and it’s their job to watch where you’re going.
Weave around traffic as best you can.

Picture this: It’s dark out. You’re wearing sunglasses. The red hand is flashing, and cars are revving their engines at the crosswalk. True or false: You should stroll across the walk at your own pace.

False: GET REAL!
Yes. True.

Picture this: You’re on your skateboard, coming up on heavy traffic. You’re confident that by the time you get to the intersection you’ll be able to cross safely. So you keep heading straight, feeling SuperHuman. What’s true?

You are SuperHuman.
You are NOT SuperHuman. Get off your skateboard and wait till it’s safe to cross, silly.

Your crush just made you a mix and you’re giddy to listen on your walk home. The volume is moderate, one bud is popped out and you’re hanging back and waiting for the next light before rushing through the crosswalk.

You are doing it right.
You are being overly cautious. Can you live?

On the walk home from school, you feel like you just HAVE to check Snapchat right in the middle of a crosswalk, as a biker is veering around the corner.

You should’ve waited, at least till you got to the other side of the road, to pull aside and catch up. 
That biker was a big jerk and it’s his fault you're paralyzed from the neck down. Couldn't he have waited a sec?!? Sheesh.